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Maggie and Parker

I will be honest, this wedding was so much fun to be a part of. We started the day at St. Mary’s Chapel (where Maggie went to school) and after tearing up watching the first look with her dad and brother, captured Maggie walking down the aisle to meet Parker. We ended up at Traine

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Jacquelyn and Rob

Jacquelyn and Rob were married at Haywood Hall and my lead shooter, Jesse, did such a great job capturing their day. The fact that Rob loves superheroes as much as I do made my day. Enjoy this sweet day!!

Cece and Tripp

I can’t say enough wonderful things about Cece and Tripp. With eleven bridesmaids and groomsmen each, they only cared about making everyone else have a good day and that to me is the sweetest. But every person there and a part of their wedding truly loved these two and it was so nice to be

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Stephanie and Danny

Oh my goodness. I just love Stephanie and Danny. It just makes me smile thinking about how much fun I had at their wedding, especially their reception! They danced all night with friends and family and it was just fun! Enjoy their day at the Cotton Room in Durham, NC!